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The Benefits of Being Part of a Hotel’s Loyalty Program

Why it pays to be part of a hotel's loyalty program.

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Why it pays to join hotel loyalty programs

The question likely gets asked just about every time you check into a hotel: “Are you part of our loyalty/rewards program?” Even if you aren’t a frequent traveler, the answer should always be “Yes!” Below are a few reasons why it is a great idea to join any loyalty program of a hotel you may be staying at. Most loyalty programs are also free to join; all you need to do is sign up online with your name and email address.

Get Rewarded Each Time You Stay at the Hotel

This is an obvious one, but it’s nice to know your stay is building up to something, whether it’s future free nights or other rewards like flights, rental cars, or meals.

Discounts on Food/Beverage or Other Amenities

Hotels are more likely to reward their own members versus those which are not. For instance, if breakfast typically costs $15, the hotel manager may give you a breakfast voucher for each day of your stay. This of course isn’t guaranteed, but hotels are more likely to look out for loyalty program members versus those who are not.

The Possibility for Free Upgrades

Like the food and beverage upgrades, hotel staff and managers are more likely to upgrade members versus non-members. We had a traveler tell us a story about how on one trip their room wasn’t ready, but since they were a loyalty program member, the hotel manager upgraded them to a suite that was ready.

The Ability to Easily Get in Touch with Travelers

Being a member also makes it much easier for hotels to get in touch with you if something goes wrong; they have your information right at their fingertips. On the flipside, they can also send you deals and incentives that are only offered to loyalty program members.