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EV Charging Stations Rapidly Growing at Hotels Across US

Hotels across the country have begun investing in EV charging stations 

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Many hotels across the United States are investing in EV charging stations

In 2024, 23% of FedRooms properties have EV charging stations, 13% of which are free to use. A full list of FedRooms properties with EV chargers can be found here.

Hilton has been leading the charge in electric vehicle advancements and has recently announced that they will roll out 20,000 electric vehicle chargers across 2,000 hotels in the U.S, Canada and Mexico as part of an expanded partnership with Tesla. The chargers will be compatible not just with Tesla vehicles but with any North American EV model.

Marriott has also gotten into the electric vehicle game with over 5,500 EV chargers now installed at Marriott properties worldwide, including 1,700 level-three fast chargers. Marriott has accelerated their charger plans by partnering with EV Connect to help streamline their installation process at Marriott properties around the world.

In early March, IHG announced robust plans for EV chargers at their hotels too. IHG announced an agreement with EnviroSpark, an industry leader in the design, installation, and operation of EV charging solutions, to make electric vehicle chargers available to all IHG-branded hotels across the United States and Canada. This agreement will further expand IHG's 1,100 hotels globally with EVCs and meet the growing customer demand for EV charging on the road while supporting a shift to a low-carbon economy. The EV chargers that will be available at IHG-branded hotels in North America are well suited for travelers needing an overnight charge. IHG has added an EV-charger search filter on its app to help travelers easily see which properties have EV chargers.