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What to Do When You Encounter an Issue at Your Hotel

From small maintenance items to big things like flooding or security issues, there are a number of things you can do when you encounter an issue at your hotel.

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When you book a hotel room, certain things are guaranteed to you when you reserve the room. When a hotel takes a reservation from you, they guarantee the room, the rate, and the stay dates. Some things like bed-type are considered preferences and are not guaranteed. Hotels are obligated to provide rooms that are clean and secure.

Some things can make rooms or the property unacceptable: a room that hasn’t been cleaned properly, issues that involve safety concerns, or problems that require maintenance for the room to be kept in service.

If you’re staying at a FedRooms property and you run into an issue, here is what we recommend you do.

First, advise the hotel of your concern and give them a chance to address the issue, whether the issue is small like a new lightbulb for your room, or moving you to a new room if your original room is not suitable. Next, if the issue is still not resolved, reach out to your agency’s travel management company (TMC) to advise of the concern and get the history of the reservation. With that information, the TMC or the traveler can contact the FedRooms Help Desk (open 24/7) at 800.226.1741 or hotels@fedrooms.com. Please provide specific details of the concern, history of reservation and a copy of the folio when reaching out to our support lines. FedRooms will contact the property within 24 business hours and escalate the issue to the hotel.