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Cancelling Your FedRooms Booking

Flexibility is one of the keymarks of the FedRooms program and booking the FedRooms rate. 

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, flexible travel has become one of the most important issues for travelers when booking a trip.

When you book the FedRooms rate, you’re guaranteed flexibility. FedRooms bookings ensure a cancellation policy of 4PM or later the day of arrival in the United States. For bookings outside the United States, FedRooms travelers can cancel their reservation up to 24 hours prior to check in.

You can cancel through the online booking tool you used to book your stay. If calling a hotel to cancel, make note of the date and time and ask for a cancellation number and the name of the person who is fulfilling the cancellation request. If you cancel a FedRooms booking through your TMC, E2 Solutions, ConcurGov, or DTS and have an issue, ask your TMC to provide you with the reservation history, along with a cancellation number with documented details of your issue and e-mail the information to hotels@fedrooms.com.